Wow…where to start…? I don’t think I can say it better than her description on DexterityBonus:

I’m a tuber with a caffeine problem

And that really isn’t an understatement at all. Her show on DexterityBonus is calledCoffeh Time. Here’s an episode of this show.  Listen to the first minute of the episode and see what I mean.

She does a news show, which is just as entertaining as Coffeh Time. She is quite a funny girl.

She as also been uploading game play on this channel. She is quite interesting player.

Make sure that you check out the rest of the stuff on both DexterityBonus and PressHeartToContinue. You should also check out her facebook page.

Personal note: Dodger, you are a huge inspiration for me. I love your work including and if not the most Guild Ho. Thank you for being such a superly awesome,  kick ass person. You’re one of my most flavorite YouTubers!

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