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The Debate about Sexual Violence!!!


Hey guys,

I’m going to share something that not a lot of people know about me. I’m a survivor of rape. It happened when I was young, but it’s definitely something that still haunts me.

As we are here more about sexual violence in the news, I thought I would share my thoughts about the topic. Below is a video from YouTuber, Anna Akana that sums up my thoughts:

While Anna tackles the topic in a comedic way, she raises several very good points at the end.  There are many things that we as a society can do to change things. One, educate boys that rape isn’t even an option. Two, stop victim shaming. There are many more.

It makes me sad when you hear about young college age men, who decide to go to a party, have some drinks and makes some very, very, very, very bad choices. I know that the young men’s choices have ruined many lives.

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