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Web Series to Watch: Producing Juliet (@ProducingJuliet) by Tina Cesa Ward (@twcnyc)!!!

Web Series to Watch: Producing Juliet (@ProducingJuliet) by Tina Cesa Ward (@twcnyc)!!!

Howdy guys,

Happy March guys. Today, I thought I would bring you a new web series that I think that you all should watch. That show is Producing Juliet created, written and directed by Anyone But Me’s Tina Cesa Ward.

What is Producing Juliet?

According to the web site, producingjuliet.com, this is what the show is about:

When Rebecca meets kindred spirit Juliet, a playwright struggling to get her sophomore effort produced, Rebecca’s tenuous and open relationship with her alluring yet distant actress girlfriend becomes clear. Rebecca finds a new focus and decides to leave her corporate life behind to produce Juliet’s new play. And although Juliet is looking to create some distance of her own from an openly gay actor who can’t walk away from her, Juliet’s new partnership with Rebecca is about to put everyone’s drama center stage.

The show is made in New York under the direction of the award winning director and writer, Tina Cesa Ward (Anyone but Me, Good People in Love). The cast includes Rachel Hip-Flores (Juliet) and a slew of web newcomers such Alisha Spielmann (Rebecca), Jenny Grace (Laura), and Stacey Raymond (Michelle). The production team includes producers Allison Vanore (Anyone But Me, Cost of Capital, SOLO: The Series) and Rochelle Dancel (B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye).

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Why you Should Watch Producing Juliet?

I suppose that you could say that I’m a little biased due to my gushing about Anyone but Me, but I really enjoy this show. Every time that I watch a new episode, I’m always holding my breath and cannot wait for the next one when it is over, but let me break this down a little bit more for you.


It’s an intriguing story that deals with a topic that isn’t very mainstream: open relationships. I love the fact that Tina isn’t afraid to push the envelope with her writing and the shows that she creates. It’s really a breath of fresh air compared to traditional media.

Not only that, it keeps you wanting more. I know that I mentioned that in my opening of why you should watch, but the show truly does. I’m never sure what will happen next. Will Rebecca leave her open relationship? Will Juliet’s new play be produced? I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.


Wow. I love each and every character in the show. Let me go through each of the main ones.


Juliet is a kind of a starving artist. She’s struggling to get her new play produced. On top of that, she is struggling to leave behind an openly gay actor that you know that she has some history with him. I’m very interested to see where that relationship goes.


Oh Rebecca. Sweet little Rebecca. From the very first episode, you can tell her open relationship with actor, Laura is rocky at best. I get the feeling that, at least in the beginning, Rebecca wants to fight to make the relationship work. I keep wanting her to break it off. Again, we’ll have to see what happens with that.Laura

I can’t make up my mind about Laura. I think she’s the type of person who is non-committal. I think that she’s in a open relationship because she doesn’t want to settle down with people. I could be very mistaken about this, but we’ll have to see as the series goes on.

Overall, all the characters add something very different and very interesting to the story and that’s something that I really love the show.


Where do I begin with this? The cast is phenomenal. We’ve seen Rachel Hip-Flores in other Tina Cesa Ward web series such as Anyone but Me and Good People in Love, but some of the other actors this is their first time on film. A lot of the actors have had extensive experience on stage. You would never guess this while you’re watching the show. The actors really make you think that you’re watching someone’s real life. I’m very impressed with acting in the show.

Creative Team

I cannot gush about the creative team enough. We know that we have Tina Cesa Ward who wrote and directed my favorite web series ever, Anyone but Me. Then, we have the award winning producer Allison Vanore who produced several episodes of Anyone but Me as well as other web series such as SOLO: the Series and Cost of Capital. The other producer is Rochelle Dancel who produced BJ Fletcher: Private Eye. This team has produced some of my favorite web series and this one isn’t an exception.

Decide for Yourself: Watch or Not?

Below is the first part of the pilot episode of Producing Juliet:

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the show or tweet @producingjuliet your thoughts.


Other Video!!! RWD S2 Episode 1!!!


Howdy guys,

So here’s the other post and video I promised you. Check it out!

This will be my normal Monday video. I’ll talk about whatever I want. It may also be behind the scenes footage from other shoots from the week before.

Be on the look out for a new video Wednesday and a whole new show on Friday.


Epic D and D Session: A Story for my Gaming History!!!


Howdy guys,

So I walked into my local game shop to run a game called Fiasco (will have a review soon). Well that didn’t happen, but an epic Dungeons and Dragons session did. It was a 2nd edition game that I walked into the final session of the game. The party had to fight this:

I wouldn’t want to fight one of these things in real life.

It’s a tarrasque. I’m not exactly sure how describe it other than it was a huge pain in the rear to fight. All in all it was a great fight. I really enjoyed it especially for my first 2nd edition experience.

Let me tell you a little bit about the character I was playing. He was an NPC (non-player character). He was a ranger who mostly relied on his blade as opposed to his bow. On several occasions, this character survived situations that should have killed him dead and this battle was no different. On one such occasion, he was sent to the 9 levels of hell and made it back.

Look at that creature. My character being a ranger saw the vines on the ground and thought rope, which all and all was a good thought. First, he tried to tie it around one of the tarrasque’s legs. He was successful, but the tarrasque decided to walk through the a wall of fire that was in front of him. My character manages to let go of the vine in time to avoid being dragged through the fire.

Next round some other party member dissipates the fire wall, so my character is able to get to the tarrasque. The tarrasque has climbed up this ruin so his tail is hanging off of a wall. This time rather than try to trip him up, he decides to climb on his back, which he manages to do.

Somewhere before he climbs to the base of the tarrasque’s skull, someone uses a rod of wonder and casts a globe of darkness centered on the creatures head. This makes it difficult to get to the base of the skull, but somehow he manages to hold on and attempt to stab him there. Let’s just say the d20 didn’t like me at this point and I didn’t manage to hit him, but the DM said that he had never had a player try to climb up a creature like that. He was impressed and that was kind of cool.

The next round, mean Mr. Tarrasque decides to grab my character off of his back, chomped him and threw him to the ground. Let’s just say he was hurt pretty darn badly.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t for the faint of heart nor is it all epic. Unless of course you count epically gross as epic, then I guess that it was pretty epic.

So at some point not too long after Mr. “You can’t kill me” Ranger was thrown off, the mage of the group decides to climb into the back door of the tarrasque. No idea what his plan was after that, but I guess it would be a vulnerable spot on his body. He tried multiple times. Let’s say that the group got a lot of good laughs about his decision and leave it at that. 

Eventually, we did manage to get the tarrasque down. Then, we started rolling up characters for a Marvel super hero rpg characters. I’m totally in love with my character for that as well.

Other News

I promise you all that videos are on the way. I’m having a rough time editing on my three year old computer that has lots of problems. I filmed one that I want to get out to the world.

Anyhoo TTFN,

I’ve Been Pretty Damn Lucky!!!


Howdy guys,

I just had some random thoughts to share with you all. I know what you’re thinking and yes, it happens some times.

I was looking back on the interviews that I’ve done with people, artists if you will and I realized that I’m pretty damn lucky. Since starting this blog, I’ve done 6 interviews, both video and written. Let me explain.

It all started with the funny and talent, Dana Puddicombe. Oh my god. Words cannot describe how much laughter occurred. Pretty much anything that comes from her is funny. We’ve had several twitter converstations-all of which are funny. She has started her own blog, www.roxymoss.com. Go and give it a read, especially if you’re having a bad day.

Then, I had an interview with Regan Latimer, the creator of BJ Fletcher Private Eye, a must see comedy web series. She really opened my eyes to things in the world of creating.

I told you all about what happened with Driftor. A crowd sourcing campaign that could. Read about that here, but first you should  read my interview with writer and wearer of a million hats,  Juilie Ann Emery here and here. The coolest thing in my mind about this is that I feel that I played a huge role in creating a lot of buzz about the project.

Long story short, I’ve really enjoyed doing press for web series and other independent artists. It’s a lot of fun. I feel that it doesn’t get the credit it deserves and they don’t have the budget to advertise for themselves.


First Dual Commentery with @sysboot!!!


Howdy guys,

So I’ve never done a dual comm before let alone much commentating before. I think that it went really well. If you like it, thumbs it up and subscribe for more.

As usual, let me know what you think.


Episode 1.7-@OutWithDad’s Donation Drive!!!


So, I know that I’ve covered a lot of web series on my blog, but it is something that I really enjoy and hopefully create in the future. I firmly believe that “new media” is the way of the future.

Anyhoo, please enjoy the newest episode of my show below:

Please, please, please consider donating to Out with Dad for their third season, you can do so here. It is an amazing show. You can watch the show here, connect to their Facebook page here, and follow them on Twitter, @OutWithDad.

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Episode 5!!! Interview with JTS.TV’s CEO and Co-founder @cartermason!!!


I had the distinct pleasure of be able to interview Carter Mason, co-founder of the web television platform JTS.TV. Here’s what he had to say.

JTS.TV is a platform for web television. If you enjoy web television, I would recommend taking a look at the site and previewing the content that is up. It is a platform that was created to be about the series themselves. The website is linked here. Check them out.


Thank you, @AnyoneButMe!!!


It’s kind of a bittersweet, surreal moment to be posting this video. I never ever thought that Anyone But Me would come to an end. I’m getting choked up just typing this post. I created an extra special episode of Rants with Nerd to sum up my feelings.

I remember when I posted my coming out video (Click here) and Nicole Pacent, the actress who plays Aster, saw and tweeted me this:

I still can’t believe that I was inspiring to someone who really inspired me. I’m huge fan of hers and like I said in my video, she, along with the rest of the cast, has gotten me into wanting to act in front of the camera.

I’ve also had twitter conversations with Rachael Hip-Flores (HipFlor), the actress who plays Vivian, and Tina Cesa Ward, one of the creators of the show.

thternerd221—So I’m a little late on #followfriday but check these peeps out @AnyoneButMe @felciaday @HipFlor Check em out!!!!!
HipFlor—thanks for the #FF shout out!
thtrnerd221—it’s my pleasure. You are a true inspiration to me. Since watching ABM, I’ve started to identify myself as questioning. Thanks.
HipFlor—Honest inquiry is the best of all things. Good luck!
thtrnerd221— I’ve have come to the conclusion after 5 years of denying. I can’t say enough good things about the show and your acting abilities.
HipFlor—Thanks so much!

They’ve really created a community around the show and it’s going to be a small void in my life now that it’s over.

I’m not sure that there is anything I didn’t say in the video. It pretty much summed up how I feel about the whole thing.




Yeah, I’m finally getting this off of the ground!! It’s coming. I planning to get the first episode up before the end of the month.

Here’s the trailer:


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