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#Drifter is Lifting Off!!!


Howdy all,

Do you all remember the kick butt interview that I did with Julie Ann Emery about her new show Drifter? Well if you don’t, you should go read part 1 and part 2. Then, come back here and read this post.

Glad you’re back and if you didn’t leave, thanks for staying. So rather than try to explain what happened, I’m going to quote part of Julie Ann’s email to me.

So…exciting DRIFTER news!  Because our crowd funding campaign gained so much early attention, we are now in talks with multiple production companies to produce the show!  Yay!

None of this would have been remotely possible without you.  The fact that you believed in the show so early on and contributed toward making our dream for DRIFTER come true is overwhelming for our entire team.

But rather than take your hard earned money, we want to make THEM pay for the show! So we are scuttling the crowd funding campaign to further pursue production company funds, and extending you an invitation to become a VIP in the DRIFTER family.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  We won’t forget your early belief in our dream.

I’m really proud and honored to have been part of making this show a reality in such a big way. I never in a million years thought that my little infant blog would have such a big impact on something and draw the attention of people who can make dreams come true.

I’ve always believed that “new media” is the way of the future and this really proves it to me. I believe that most people will stop watching shows on the television and will be watching them on the internet. It’s already starting to happen.

If you would like to keep up to date with the show, you can like their Facebook fan page. If you want special insights into the creative process behind the show, be sure to check out their site here.

Anyhoo, I’m very happy that this is happening. Congratulations to all who are involved in the show and good luck going forward.


Interview with Drifter’s @julieannemery-Part 2!!!


So if you didn’t read part 1 of my interview with Julie Ann Emery, you can read it here. Like I said yesterday, this part is all about Drifter and Then we got HELP!

Compliments of Julie Ann Emery

Let’s talk about Drifter for a moment. What is the show about?
A man, alone on a ship in space, re-programs the ship’s computer to allow him to virtually enter the world of his favorite TV show (a comedy set in 2012 NY called ImPerfect).  When an explosion disables the ship, leaving it adrift in space, he has to decide what to do with only 12 days to live.  The world of the TV show becomes his only shot at human connection, friendship, and even love.  

Where did the concept come from for the show?
OMFGeek founder Jeff Koenig came up with the concept.  And it’s terrific. Jorge Rivera and I are writing the script. 

Tell us about your character.
I play the leading lady of the Virtual TV Show.  When the leading man (Darren le Gallo) and I begin to fall in love, the ship’s computer begins to take on my traits.  So I will also be playing the ship’s computer.  First in voice, then in image, and eventually in embodiment. 

What challenges does playing a character who is the creation of someone else pose or does it add any challenges? Why or why not?
Well, I’m writing the script so it’s not ENTIRELY someone else’s vision of her.  But as an actor, I am almost always embodying a character written by someone else.  Truth be told, others write better roles for me than I do (which is why it’s 
good I have a writing partner on this script).  I spent far less time developing my character on Then we got HELP! than I did everyone else’s.  I wanted to make my actors look good.  

Who else is in the cast and crew?
Cast:  Darren le Gallo (Broken Kingodm, Then we got HELP!) , Al Thompson (Lenox Avenue, The Cleveland Show), Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bandwagon), Rachel Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me), Gary Ploski (Rising Star)
Creatives:  Jeff Koenig is creator (OMFGeek), Jorge Rivera is my writing partner (Lenox Avenue, Odessa), Blake Calhoun (Continuum, Pink), Rob Gokee (Night of the Zombie King, Solo), J Sibley Law, Bradley Werner, Scott Napolitano, Daryl Ray Carlisle

It’s a list of Web World heavy hitters for sure.  

I was very excited to hear that Rachel Hip-Flores and Emma Caulfield were in the cast. Who are most excited to be working with?
I will not choose.  I’m truly excited about this ENTIRE cast.  And I’m loving 
writing for them.

Have you written any other projects?
Then we got HELP!, a pilot a few years ago.  I’m currently working on a feature script and an hour long TV pilot script.  

What is Then We got Help about?
Four couples need therapy but can’t afford it.  They form a group.  It’s group therapy without the therapist.  We have 21 episodes up at www.thenwegothelp.com 

Where did the idea for this show come from?
Necessity.  Micro budget plus talented actor friends plus an extra large living room meant shooting something character driven that could be set in my apartment (location shooting is SO expensive in NYC).  I’ve been with my husband since college, if there’s one thing we know…it’s other couples.  Also, I was part of a group when I lived in LA that was a sort of Actors self help group.  I liked the idea of couples attempting to help themselves and each other.  They mostly screw each other up. There’s an accidental breakthrough usually once per episode.  

This show seems very different from Drifter. What challenges are there going from writing comedy to a more serious sci-fi type show or weren’t there any? Why or why not?
I am a Sci-Fi geek so I’ve been looking for a way to move into that world as a writer.  And half of Drifter is a comedy.  That said, I firmly believe as an actor and as a writer, that drama is best served with a sense of humor in it and the best comedy is grounded in some sort of reality.  So I guess I don’t see drama and comedy as exclusive from each other. 

Let’s talk about how you are funding for Drifter. You’re doing it by crowd funding, but I have never heard of the platform. What is Mobcaster and why did you decide to use it?
Mobcaster.com is focused on long form content.  Drifter’s pilot will be a half hour.  I believe it’s time the Web move in that direction.  Mobcaster has been incredibly available to us, even taking the time to do some conference calls on the ways they could help us market.  And because they are new and for long form content, there are fewer shows on their site.  We don’t get lost in the noise on their site.  

What perks to donators receive for donating?
Well since Drifter is a pilot, you will ONLY get to see the pilot when we’re finished if you’re a contributor.  You can contributor $1 to qualify to see the show…but you have to join us in the Drifterverse.  

The perk levels have some VERY cool stuff, from a NASA gift that you can’t get in stores (we have NASA consultants) to getting the Mars Colony or the Space Station named after you, name drops, a digital copy of Rob Gokee’s score, you can qualify for costumes worn on screen by the cast, part of our story board, an original piece of artwork by star Darren le Gallo (who is also a successful artist), dinner with members of the cast and crew.  I mean, I want a lot of these perks.  

To see them all you can go to: www.mobcaster.com/project/drifter 

Anything else you want to say?
It’s such an amazing concept and every step we take with the script gets me more excited about it.  I think it’s a really special piece.  But if we don’t raise our money, it will not get made.  So even if you’ve only got a buck, please consider contributing.   When you contribute on a project like this, you really become part of the family. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we make our budget and can move forward to shooting in July!  

Well, this interview is in the bag. To get connected with Julie Ann, you can hit her up on Facebook and Twitter. As usual, be sure to watch her show as well as support Drifter if you are able. All the links to do that are above.