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Interview with @OutWithDad’s Kate Conway-Part 2!!!


Howdy all,

I’m bringing you part 2 of my interview with Kate Conway. If you missed part 1, you can read it here. In this part, she talks about Out with Dad and the awesomeness that has come because of the show.

What is Out with Dad [OWD] about?
Out with Dad is about a teenage girl, Rose,  who is struggling with coming out of the closet. Her single father Nathan is also struggling with trying to help her through this difficult time, while making her feel supported and loved.

Tell us a bit about your character Rose.
She is a shy girl, who can be a real powerhouse around certain people. She’s going through both the extremely difficult time of coming out and also being in love with her best friend. She is very complex and has a lot on her plate. Kinda like most teens.

You give Rose quite a truth. Where does your inspiration for Rose come from?
From the people in my life who have been super brave. I’ve watched close people around me battle addiction and mental illness, lose friends and loved ones. They’ve all come back on top.  I am constantly surrounded by inspirational people. Rose is meant to be a fighter like them.

I know there’s a little bit of a story about you landing the role of Rose. Tell us a little bit about that experience?
I saw a casting call for a web series about a teen girl struggling in high school. She was meant to be a shy girl who opens up around her closes friends and family. Highschool sucks for her because she can’t date the people she wants. Other than being gay, Rose was me. I was shy, hated high school, yet was super awesome to my close friends. I went and read for both Rose and Vanessa. Then Rose…Then Vanessa..I couldn’t tell if Jason thought I fit either of them. Then I got a call to meet Jason the director and Eric Taylor the producer at a coffee shop for a follow up interview. Apparently, they needed to double check that I was cool before they gave me the part. I’ve been trying to prove to them ever since that I am.

What is a typical day on set like?
A typical day on set begins with Jason (or some other awesome human being) bringing me an energy drink. My contract is very specific; no acting unless energy drinks are generously provided. Then we make-up and costume while production lights and sounds the space. The actors will practise lines and then Will proceeds to tell some hilarious story to lighten the mood. We will film whatever scenes are set for that location for the whole season. It’s weird shooting a crying scene for the 7th episode and then shooting a chill relaxed scene from perhaps the 1st or 5th episode. But I love that about film making. It’s challenging. Then after wrap, we might all go home because of next day shooting. If not, drinks and fun times for those who can. Hanging out and talking about set or whatever is something I really love.

What is the most rewarding part of working on Out with Dad?
This question takes the most thought. Where do I begin. The show has given me so much. Number one, I love filming and sets SO MUCH. The feeling of being on a set is like Christmas to me. It gives me purpose because watching film has given so much to my life that being a part of it now is truly wicked. Next is career opportunities. Because of OWD’s success around the world and its great notoriety, I have been able to progress in my career and had opportunities given to me I would have never had otherwise. But probably if you had a gun to my head and said “for the love of God, just PICK!”, I would say the affect I’ve had on people I have never met. I grew up feeling forever changed by the inspiring things I watched on tv and in movies. When watching though, I personally never felt or did anything in the way of “I came out a gay/lesbian/trans/finally admitted to myself/family/decided to keep going/I can now talk/understand/show my love to my child” that OWD has given other people. As an actress, “move people significantly”  was on my bucket list. I guess I can cross it off now.  I could never book a single job for the rest of my life and feel like I’ve helped change the world for the better as an artist. Which is pretty bad-ass, don’t you think? [I would imagine. Great job btw. (^__^) ]

Congratulations on the awards you’ve won personally. Which ones did you win and what was it like to find out that had won?
Thanks! I won Outstanding Lead actress in a Drama Series at 2011 LA Webfest and Best Actress at the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards. The ensemble cast also won at the 2012 LA Webfest awards. The cast and crew have one a boat load of others. The LA ones we kinda found out surprisingly. No idea we were up for them. It was awesome! The best was the ISA. This was my second year going and nominated. It’s totally cliché but I really did not expect to win. I was completely floored and ended up giving a ridiculously out of breath acceptance and forgot to thank Will and Lindsey. I will never live it down. After, I went and called mom. I left a very excited and tearful message on her machine. She needed to know that her awesome mom-ness was paying off.

What is it like to work with the cast and crew?
Oh don’t get me started. THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE. They are no fun. They are unprofessional and lazy. They DON’T work their asses off like you’d think. They don’t leave their loved ones and sacrifice their social lives for no monetary gain like they should. Their lack of talent is SO obvious due to the shitiness of the show. Who would ever want to work with this rag-tag bunch of hooligans? Oh and did I say they are no fun? Don’t ever try to have fun with them. They will just lead you to the worst times in your life. The WORST!

What have been your favorite moments from each season of the show?
Just take everything I said in the last answer and make it not sarcastic. Generally speaking, everything. But the movie theatre scene of season one was great. We shot all night. Josh, one of the production guys drove like 5 of us home and none of us had any sleep. Being in the car, trying to keep him awake and just talking warms my heart to this day. No one got paid that night, but we all suffered, laughed and joyed together. Season 2….I guess the table read-through. We had almost everyone there. The family was back together. I was overwhelmed with joy.

The 2 episodes that Rose and her father go to the PFLAG meeting were some of the most powerful episodes of the entire series for me. What was the experience like filming those episodes?
Holy God, unreal. I say that for Rose, Season 2 is “the season of tears”. For other non PFLAG emotional scenes in the show, I use learned actor tools to get into the emotional state I need. The two PLFLAG episodes were filmed in one day and it was emotionally exhausting. Like I said before, I have been lucky enough to connect with fans in the LGBT community who have either gone through crazy struggles or are currently battling them alone. This experience brought those amazing stories to life right in front of me. I had only one scene where I cried as reaction to the stories. Needless to say, the tears were 100% my own for the people who really lived these experiences.

I just want to thank you for your time. The series as a whole and I may dare to say your performance, have led me to be more comfortable in my own skin and really be true to myself. Is there anything else that you would like to say to my readers about the show or otherwise?
Thank you SO much. You sharing your experience and wisdom with the world is something priceless. I don’t know what it’s like AT ALL to go through this but it seems like something that takes every last ounce of strength to do. I’m appalled that it still does. It should just be life by now. Hopefully forums like yours, OWD and other LGBT blogs, vlogs and the like around the world will change that. I do honestly believe that these struggles will one day be something of the past that you’ll tell your grand kids about. Art on the internet is changing history. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it. It is a tremendous gift in my life. 🙂

Loved the interview, Kate. Thanks for taking the time to do it.


Interview with @OutWithDad’s Kate Conway-Part 1!!!!


Howdy guys,

I’m very happy to be bringing you this interview with a very inspirational actor, Kate Conway. She plays the character Rose on the award winning web series, Out with Dad. I’m going to let her tell you a little bit more about herself and the work she does. Hope you enjoy.

Tell my readers a little about yourself.
Well I am an actress in my early 20’s (not really 15, I apologize) living in Toronto, Canada. I have been involved in acting since doing my first play, The Wizard of Oz,  when I was 6, and loved acting ever since. I am involved in the award winning show Out With Dad and I love it dearly!

What are some other productions/projects that you have been involved in?
In the past I’ve worked with the Toronto sketch comedy groups The Raisin Gang and Hamburger Sandwhich, and I’ve done a tiny bit of writing and performing in a new web series from Toronto that will be released soon called The Gate.

Favourite production/project. (not including OWD)
I got to host my university drama Christmas showcase with my good friend Ray Cameron. We made ’em laugh, hard. Tied with that is every other show I did in University. My friends at UTM were crazy fun.

What or who made you want to get into acting?
My mother. She got me involved in community theatre when I was 6. We did the The Wizard of Oz and I was a munchkin AND and oz citizen. I couldn’t get over how stoked I was that I was playing TWO roles. It was epic. And I loved every moment of it. I wanted it to last forever. My mother set it all in motion and she kicks serious ass.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to get into acting?
Nothing other than if you really REALLY love it, do it! Fuck anyone that says “No”. Fuck them!

If you weren’t acting, what would you want to do for a living?
I have considered everything from teaching to truck driving. And honestly I really don’t see myself doing anything but. Diner food is delicious though. 

 If you could work with any actor or actress, living or dead, who would be and why?
Tiny Fey. After my mother, and my grandmother, Tina has influenced and inspired my artistic passions the most. Tina Fey made it hot to be smart and funny. To be smarter and funnier than the boys. No person I ever met has disagreed with how awesome she is. I’m also pretty sure I’d ask her to leave her husband for me. It would be really difficult NOT to.

Dream project? (other than OWD)
Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe working with Hollywood’s best on a movie that would win about 14 Oscars. If it happens to be with the same people from Out with Dad, that would be a kickass dream come true.

Any additional projects in the works?
Other than The Gate and new OWD’s, nothing presently. I will keep you posted.

Quick Fire Questions
Coke or Pepsi?

Cats or dogs?
cats. But dogs have been growing on me lately.

Summer or winter?
Summer! Nothing beats backyard bbq’s with your friends. Nothing beats cottages.  NOTHING!

Hugs or kisses?

Fame or fortune?
Both! But only if you have awesome friends to share it with. Otherwise, neither.

Which is worse: speaking in front of a crowd or writing a paper?
Speaking in front of a crowd. I’ve done stand-up comedy before and been REALLY bad at it.

Time travel to: the past or the future?
I don’t like how these questions make me choose. To the future, I guess. That way, advanced technology could help me go back and visit the past too.

Celebrity magazine or newspaper?
Celebrity magazine. I’m more of a brain candy kinda person.

Fave food?
PIZZA!!!! I’m a pizza junkie. (best are in Italy and NYC)

Fave  book?
I read My Sisters Keeper when I was traveling through Europe after University. It was such an emotional story that I happened to be reading during an extremely inspirational trip on the other side of the world. Not too shabby.

Fave color?
Baby Blue. Since I can remember. Has never changed.

Well, as usual part 2 is coming tomorrow. Part 2 will be about her involvement with the show.