Thanks @DECAInc!!!


Hey guys,

As I sit here and reflect on what could quite possibly be my last ‪#‎CDECAICDC, I realize I have a lot to be proud of and thankful for.

First off, I was a member of the first social media team for the conference. I was a bit nervous about the position, but I’m glad I took the leap to say that I am DECA. It was a wonderful experience. It was something incredible to put on my resume that will help me in the future. It’s something that I truly thankful and proud of.

Second, I have made lot of friends. There are more than I can list. I have been able to make some lifeDECA Friendslong friends. I love my DECA family and I’m sure that we will all do amazing things in the future.

Third, even though I didn’t take home a medal, I was able to make industry connections I would have never made if I hadn’t gone to the conference. One of the judges for the travel and tourism event rekindled my desire to work for the cruise industry. I’m hoping to be on a ship this time next year.

Thank you DECA for everything. I’m the professional that I am because I participated. I can never repay the organization for all that it has given me



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