I’m Part of the #CDECAICDC Social Media Team!!!


Hey guys,

I got some super exciting news on Friday. I am 1 of 4 members of the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference’s first ever social media team. I still have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

I’m having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I never thought that I would be chosen when I applied, but one thing that I pride myself on is taking advantage of every situation. I’m from not a well known city in Wisconsin that like no one has ever heard of.  As the current president of the Wisconsin Association Executive board told me on Facebook:

If by chance you’re in a situation causing you doubt in your abilities, don’t. DECA chose you to represent us for a reason. Knowing that, you can be fully confident in your amazing skills and talents as we are.

He’s right though. If DECA didn’t think I had what it took to do this job, they wouldn’t have given it to me. It’s funny though. People found out that I was on the team before I did via social media.

If by chance you would like to read the announcement, you can read it here.



Have a positive or negative response, leave it below!

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