Training Day 11 #halfmarathon!!! #stopthebeautymadness



Hey guys,

Today’s run absolutely sucked. My calves are killing me. They cramped so bad that I had to stop my run and I even stretched before I left. If you know what I can do about that in the future, please leave me a comment. I can’t keep running if they continue hurting.

Today, I thought I’d share with you an amazing beauty campaign that is spreading true messages about the beauty industry. It’s called Stop the Beauty MadnessI find it truly sad that women have a very false sense of what beauty is. I really think that women  and everyone really should look inside themselves for the definition of beauty.

I’d like to leave you with one more message about beauty. It’s a documentary entitled The Little Things and it’s by one of my favorite YouTubers Mallory Shomaker. Please take a minute to watch below.



Have a positive or negative response, leave it below!

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