Interview with @L7sville Star, @mkwiles-Part 2!!!


Howdy guys,

It’s the last part of this particular series of interviews. I’m really sad. I look up to all the people who I’ve done interviews with for this series. Hope you enjoyed this.

MK Talks about Squaresville and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

You play Lydia Bennet in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (LBD). What is LBD for readers who haven’t seen it?
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries ia a modern-day vlog-style adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

Who is Lydia Bennet?
She is the younger sister of Lizzie and Jane. Lydia is known for being a bit of a loose cannon party girl, but as time has gone on I’m quite happy to say we’ve been able to add a lot more to her than appears on the surface.

Who else is in LBD?
We have a wonderful cast. Ashley Clements plays Lizzie, Laura Spencer plays Jane, Julia Cho plays Charlotte Lu, Christopher Sean plays Bing Lee, Jessica Jade Andres plays Caroline Lee, Maxwell Glick plays Ricky Collins, Briana Cuoco plays Mary Bennet, my cat Rosie plays Kitty Bennet, Wes Aderhold plays George Wikcham, Janice Lee plays Maria Lu, Craig Frank plays Fitz, and Daniel Vincent Gordh plays William Darcy.

What is Squaresville?
Squaresville is a web series about two girls, Esther and Zelda, in high school in the suburbs trying to be and do more than their surroundings afford them. It follows their misadventures and yearnings to make a difference.

Who do you play and what is she like?
I play Zelda, and she is the idealist of the two. She is the one wanting to be abducted by aliens or traveling through time and she often drags Esther along with her. Zelda is quiet but sharp, optimistic but judgmental, good-hearted but also condescending. She’s a wonderful character and I feel so lucky to be playing her.

Who else is in the cast?
Kylie Sparks plays Esther, Austin Rogers is Percy, David Ryan Speer plays Wayne, Tiffany Ariany plays Shelly, Chrissie Weatherup is Sarah, Jim Mahoney is Ozzy, Henry Monfries is Pete, and there are many many more talented actors who appear.

In what ways do you relate to your character, Zelda? Why?
I relate to Zelda in many ways more than any other character I play. Her optimism and her idealism which are in many ways her core are things that I have as well. I grew up wanting to be more and do more and experience more than my surroundings could afford me. My wants very much align with Zelda’s, and I was very much a “geek” or “nerd” or “outcast” in high school. She and I have a lot in common.

In what ways are you different than Zelda? Why?
Zelda is a little more sure of herself, at least when it comes to conflict, than I am. Zelda is stubborn and has no problem telling others that they’re wrong. I’m much more of a pushover and hate arguing with people, so I just don’t. I think if both of us could move somewhere towards the middle we’d both be better for it.

Who do you think you are most like, Lydia or Zelda? Why?
I used to think I was just like Zelda and nothing like Lydia. As time has gone on though, I have learned things about both of them that have made me balance that feeling out. I am like Lydia in ways I didn’t realize at first, and unlike Zelda in ways I hadn’t thought about before. I’m somewhere in between them. I have Lydia’s energy but Zelda’s gravity, and Zelda’s desire for activity and Lydia’s optimism.

Which character on Squaresville do you relate to most and why?
Zelda, without a doubt. For all the ways I’ve mentioned.

Congrats on season 1. A little birdy told me that there’s going to be a season 2. What can we expect from Season 2?
Thank you! Yes, there will be a season 2 and I’m very excited about it. I think Season 2 is going to really excite our viewers—I’m really excited about it. There is more of an overarching storyline in some ways, with still the vignette style episodes thrown in. There is a bit more that happens in Season 2—there are some fantastical elements that I’m very excited about. We meet a lot of new characters and the world of Squaresville is fleshed out in new ways. It’s going to be quite fun.

What is a typical day on set like?
Just fun from start to finish. We move fast and we get a lot done, but we are a family and we like nothing better than being together making the show.

You and Kylie Sparks have awesome chemistry. Was it something you had to work on or was it instant?
Kylie and I knew each other before we were cast together—we were at USC together. So we really have a common place that we’re coming from and I definitely feel like the prior knowledge of each other helped us have that foundation for Zelda and Esther’s friendship.

If you could give a high school girl advice, what would it be?
Just don’t worry about what anybody else thinks about you. Do the things that make you feel fulfilled and be silly if you want. Study hard if you want. Be creative. My friends and I did the silliest things in high school and didn’t really care if we were popular or not. I’m really proud of us for that, because I had the absolute most fun in high school. If I had been more concerned with being “popular” I think I would have missed out on so much.

Three reasons to watch both Squresville and LBD.

  1. I bet that no matter who you are, you can relate to at least one scenario in Squaresville.
  2. Matt’s dialogue is fantastic.
  3. It’s about going on adventures, and who doesn’t love adventures?


  1. If you are a dude, three lovely redheaded sisters.
  2. If you are a lady, Wes Aderhold.
  3. It’s truly unlike any other version of P&P, and unlike any other modern adaptation.

Any words you would like to say?
I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of both these shows and to be playing such different characters. I have made wonderful friends through both of them and am so happy to have connected with our audience in the way that we have. I am very, very lucky. And thanks for the interview!

My last Words

I would really like to thank Matt, Kylie and Mary Kate for their time in doing these interviews. I had a lot of fun reading and editing them. I hope you guys had fun answering them.

If you have a web series or film that you would like me to check out, leave it in the comments below or hit me up on my social media found on the contact page. Thanks.



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