Interview with @L7sville Star, @kyliesparks-Part 2!!!


Howdy guys,

And we’re back! Yeah. This part is where we get to see what Kylie has to say about the series. Yipee!

Kylie Talks about The Show!

What is Squaresville?
Squaresville is a webseries about two teenage girls dealing with the trials and tribulations of growing up in the suburbs where everyone has settled down a little too quickly.

Who do you play and what is she like?
I play Esther. She is a sarcastic, witty, realist who isn’t afraid of dishing out some truth and knowledge, but she also can be very insecure, very unsure of her future, very supportive and loyal, but when she’s had enough, she has HAD enough. She’s also trying to figure out who SHE is and there’s a part of her that she’s still trying to deal with and figure it out.

Who else is in the cast?
The main cast consists of Mary Kate Wiles, who plays Zelda (Esther’s BFF), Austin Rogers as Percy (The third prong in Esther and Zelda’s triangle), Tiffany Ariany as Shelly (the resident hot mess and Esther’s foil), David Ryan Speer as Wayne (Zelda’s Love Interest), and Christine Weatherup as Sarah (Zelda’s Big Sister). We also have recurring characters Pete (Wayne’s buddy and Esther’s “date” during Season 1, episode 14, played by Henry Monfries) and Ozzy (Esther’s big brother, played by Jim Mahoney).

In what ways to you relate to your character, Esther? Why?
I really relate to Esther in that personality wise, we are very similar. I’m very sarcastic and loud and I have a filter, I just choose not to use it most of the time, and I’m very independent as well (I think Esther really is truly independent, she’d rather go home and watch Roller Derby or read and do homework than ride a shopping cart, sorry Zelda). I’m also very loyal to my best friends and would do anything for them, and like everyone, I have the tendency to listen to my insecurities sometimes.

In what ways are you different than Esther? Why?
Esther has a lot of angst and insecurity behind her, and while I get that and definitely feel for her there, I’m way more bubbly and although I’m independent and like doing my own thing, I love going out to parties and travelling and exploring world and getting together with my friends and just being crazy. My wardrobe also is different than Esther; while 99% of the clothes I wear on the show are mine, I love dresses, I love fashion and working on my style and aesthetic and seeing what outfits I can come up with (my style is very ‘girly edgy hipster’ where I pair pretty/colorful things with studs and leather jackets and lots of black)

Which character do you relate the most to and why?
I’ve always said if I’m the hybrid of Shelly and Esther. I know Esther like the back of my hand, but Shelly is definitely more my wild and fun side and she can be just as snarky as Esther sometimes.

Congrats on season 1. A little birdy told me that there’s going to be a season 2. What can we expect from season 2. (of course I don’t expect spoilers.)
Thanks so much! I’m so excited about season 2, and it was SO hard to sit on all the season 2 info because 1. We’re all SO stoked about it, and 2. We couldn’t talk about it on social media while we were shooting season 2, which was the complete opposite of protocol for season 1. (don’t worry, I have things I’ll share when the time is appropriate!) Not to spoil anyone who hasn’t watched Squaresville yet, but season 1 ends on a very chaotic time for Esther and in season 2, she really has to evaluate her whole life and who she is and who she wants by her side, and this second season is really about Esther coming into her own. There’s still a ton of snark (it’s Esther, obviously the girl is still her typical sarcastic self!) plus we have some episodes that were REALLY fun to shoot because of the creativity involved.

What is a typical day on set like?
Crazy. Seriously, we shoot anywhere from 10-14 pages a day (for reference, a typical studio movie shoots 1-3 pages a day, a one hour TV show shoots 5-8 pages a day, and a sitcom will pre-tape scenes before shooting most of the episode in front of a live audience) and we have 12 hours to do it. But we have the most fun and the crew and cast have been together now for over 2 years doing the show, so it’s really more like extreme playtime because we love what we do and we laugh a LOT. Even when things are heated and intense, there are times where I literally have to bite my cheek to not laugh.

You and Mary Kate Wiles (MK) (co-star) have an awesome chemistry. Was it something you had to work on or was it instant? Why or why not?
It was pretty instant. MK and I knew each other before we found out we were going to be on the show together because we went to USC at the same time since the School of Theatre was a very close community. We became better friends because of the show, definitely, but when we first started we really got to know each other well and now we just lock it in and do it since we’ve been in the trenches for so long.

If you could give a girl in high school advice, what would it be?
If you have a passion, invest your spare time in it. People suck and in these four years, people will be your friend one minute and hurt you the next, but if you have a passion you love, devote all the negativity in your life into energy for your passion. You will find true friends that will love you for you and you don’t need to feel pressure to be perfect all the time, and bullies are just insecure individuals who don’t know how else to deal with it and take it out on people. You are worth fighting for, and you will grow up to be a kickass person.

If you haven’t seen the series, three reasons to watch.
1. It deals with real issues that make you think while making you laugh at the same time.

2. The Squaresville Community (or Squares/family of Squares as we call them) is one of the most supportive, loving, creative communities I’ve ever seen. You don’t just watch the show; you become invested and build friendships because of it, and we love our Squares and we love making the show for you

3. Everyone can relate to feeling like Zelda and Esther, whether you’re a teen girl or a 40-something man. We all have felt the same way at one point in our lives and we still work on the pursuit of happiness (or even the pursuit of okay-ness.)

Any words you would like to say?
If you’ve been around for season 1, whether it’s been since the beginning or you’re just joining us, thank you. You are the reason we make our show and we love making our show. We are so excited for season 2….so many new twists and turns in store, plus, as we announced during our supersized Google hangout during Wonderly Weekend, a whole new video format will be happening as well, so season 2 is going to be epic.

Stay Tuned!!!

We got two more weeks of interviews with Squaresville star, Mary Kate Wiles. I hope that you enjoyed this one and will continue reading my blog.



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