Interview with @L7sville Creator, @mrmattenlow-Part 1!!!


Howdy guys,

I’m really excited about this series of interviews with the creator and stars of a new favorite web series, Squaresville. You’ll want to watch the series after these interviews. It’s up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

I will be posting in two parts as usual and I will be posting one part a week. But, now it’s time for the interview with the creator of the series Matt Enlow.

Getting to Know Matt

For those of us who don’t know much about you, tell me a little bit about yourself.
I’ve been doing web series for about 6 years now, as a writer director. My wife and I started with a series called “Engaged” that I’m still proud of, but that really shows the growth in technology available to people like me in just a few years.

How did you get started in film making?
As a kid I always dreamed of doing special effects for ILM. I grew up in Sacramento, so the bay area and Lucas Film was very close, and very real for me. Later I grew to be interested in the independent film movement. I guess you could say that a DIY mentality, and a love for tactile film making combined to make Squaresville.

What were some of your favorite projects and why?
Squaresville is my baby, so that’ll always have a special place in my heart. My two other series, Mountain Man and Engaged will always be dear to me as well, as I’ve been lucky enough to make shows with basically the same group of friends for the last five years.

If you weren’t making films, what would you be doing as a career?
I’m still very interested in teaching. I think a lot of the themes we’re working through on Squaresville come from a desire to inform and improve young people’s lives, so it seems like an obvious jump.

Dream project and why?
A comic book movie – maybe Superman or Animal Man. I love the idea of working in a storied universe that people love and are familiar with.  OR, more recently, guesting on an episode of Dr. Who. That would be amazing.

If you could work with any actor/actress living or dead, who would be and why?
Weird Al Yankovich. NO DUH.

Tips for beginning filmmakers?
It’s the most common, and it’s the best: just go do it. Waiting is for suckers, and it has literally never been easier to produce your own media. What are you waiting for?

Tips for people who want to create their own web series?
Have a simple idea that you can explain in a single sentence. “A group of online gamer friends are forced to meet in real life” (The Guild), “A regular guy gets sucked into the Legend of Zelda” (The Legend of Neil), “A couple gets married after a wild night in vegas and decides to give it a shot” (Husbands). This is great for two reasons; one, in a short format like web, you need to be able to dig into your story as soon as possible, and having a simple notion of what your show is will help that, and two, when you’re at family gatherings or parties, you want to be able to explain what your show is succinictly so that you have as MUCH time as possible to explain to your aunt what a web series is (phrases like “No, it’s not on TV, it’s on the computer” or “we get money through the little ads at the bottom, but no, it’s not very much, and yes, I still have my day job” will be handy also). [editor’s note: Go and watch all of the series he mentioned. They are some awesome series.]

Quick fire questions
Coke or Pepsi?

Coke if had to choose.

Cats or dogs?

Summer or winter?
Summer no duhz.

Hugs or kisses?

Fame or fortune?
Fortune. Are you kidding me?

Which is worse: speaking in front of a crowd or writing a paper?
They’re worse for different reasons, but my home field advantage is always writing.

Time travel to: the past or the future?

Celebrity magazine or newspaper?

Fave food?

Fave book?
Can I say “understanding comics”? I really love that book.

Fave color?

Note from Matt: Looking at my answers makes me seem way angstier than I am, you guys. Can I just add, that I really love like, the teenage pop stylings of Allison Weiss or something? I’m coming off like such a cliche.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more from Matt. I think you’ll enjoy what he has to say about his show.



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