Why is @OutWithDad important to me?


Howdy guys,
Given the title I’m sure that you’re sick of hearing about my favorite web series but this was requested by Jason Leaver, the creator of Out with Dad. I thought I’d give him why.

Why OWD is Important to me?

This is an interesting question for me to answer. I think it came at a time in my life when I was still in the closet like Rose and was figuring things out. I was an escape from keeping it a secret from everyone in my life.

It is also important to me because it is easy to relate to. I felt all the feelings that Rose felt as she was coming out. It was real. I think that Jason wrote a believable story with real characters.

It is a teaching tool. That is the big reason that the series is important to me.

For these reasons, OWD is important to me.

Ending time

If you want to learn more about the series, you can listen to my interview with Jason here, read my interview with the actress who plays Rose here and here or check out their web site here.



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