Happy Election Day!!!


Howdy guys,

I had an interesting experience at the poll this morning. It won’t be anything that I’ll forget for a long time.

My plan was to get up and vote before my 9:30 class. Because I live on campus, my polling place is right in the union. No big deal. I should be able to get through no problem.

That would be what you would think. I get up and get to the union before 8 o’clock. I set my stuff down in a lounge area, go upstairs, and get in line. I’m standing in line for no more than 2 seconds (maybe a bit of an exaggeration) and the fire alarm goes off. Everyone in line is told that they must go outside because it is not a drill. There is a grumble andĀ  a moan from all involved and we all head outside.

While outside, I got talking to an older gentleman who thinks that the fire alarm was all a conspiracy. I didn’t question him further about who was the cause of the fire alarm, but I thought it was interesting that conspiracy was what this man jumped to first.

Once the alarm stopped ringing, we all headed back inside. I got back in line to find out a few minutes later, that I was in the wrong line. I think to myself, “You have got to be kidding me.” I get to the front of the line and it takes me about thirty seconds to cast my ballot.

Moral of today’s story: if you are unsure of where you need to be, ask. If I would have followed my own advice, I wouldn’t have been stuck outside without my jacket.

In other news, I’m so ready for today to be over. Whoever you vote for, go out and vote.



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