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Other Video!!! RWD S2 Episode 1!!!


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So here’s the other post and video I promised you. Check it out!

This will be my normal Monday video. I’ll talk about whatever I want. It may also be behind the scenes footage from other shoots from the week before.

Be on the look out for a new video Wednesday and a whole new show on Friday.


Finally, the First Episode of ‘The Light, the Dark, and the Review’ is up!


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So this was supposed to be up last week on Wednesday, but that didn’t happen. I think that Youtube hates me long time. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy it.

Be  sure to take a look at the extended review here.

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Extended LDR: @WIGS’ “Lauren” Staring Troian Bellisario (@SleepintheGardn) and @jenniferbeals!!!


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Today, I thought that I would try something different. I’ve been wanting to do a  review show on Youtube and give you an extended review on my blog. I stole this idea but I’m calling it The Light, the Dark and the Review (Sorry TGS). If you want to see the cliffnotes version of the review, you can click here.

About the Show!!!

Today’s review is about a series that is on a new Youtube channel called Wigs. Wigs produces high-end, original, scripted dramatic series and short films about the lives of women. Lauren is the tittle of the series. Lauren is a 3 part series that centers on Sergeant Lauren Weil who reports her sexual assault by 3 fellow soldiers and the aftermath.  As a result of her report, she is forced to choose between what she loves and what is right. The series is written by Jay Rodan and directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Watch below to see what she ultimately decides. Please be aware that view discretion is advised.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Review Time!!!


I thought that I would start with the obvious starting pointing: the story. So that’s where I’ll start. The story I think is a very relevant topic that has recently come to light: sexual assault in the military. Like you saw in the series, it tends to be swept aside, not allowing the victims to get the help they need. The series sheds light on what I believe to be the root of the problem: the way commanding officers seem to cover up the incident.

Characters and Character Development

Sergeant Lauren Weil-a mother of a five-year old daughter and comes from  five generations of soldiers. She is very stubborn earning her the nickname Stub. There is a sense of pride and love for serving her country. When given the chance to go home after her husband was killed to take care of her daughter, she didn’t take it. She wanted to be part of the fight if there was going to be one.

Major Jo StoneLauren’s commanding officer. She appears to be very cold at first, but by the end of the series she can tell that she’s human. She almost breaks down in the final episode. You can tell that she didn’t want to bury the investigation, but didn’t have any choice.

As for the development of Lauren and Major Stone, I felt that it was a little rushed. I guess that is kind of to be expected in such a short series. I wish we were able to see more of what happens after and Lauren and Jo’s interactions, especially afterwards. I feel as though there were things that we don’t know about the characters that might be relevant to the story.

Actors and Acting

Let’s talk about the cutie Troian Bellisario. She is gorgeous. Take a look her for a second.

Excuse me while I pick my jaw from the ground.

She is a mix of Italian, Serbian, French, English, and African American. You can’t disagree with me on that one. Enough of that. It’s time to move on.

I was really blown away by her performance. This role took some major chops. Her character was on an emotional roller coaster the entire series and took everyone for a ride. I think that she didn’t fall flat acting opposite Jennifer Beals. I might go as far as to say that she might have outshone Jennifer.

To Beals credit, her character wasn’t that easy to play. She was commander of a base. She had to be stone faced, but still compassionate. She did amazing.

Final Thoughts!!!

All and all, I really, really liked this series. It sheds light on what I feel is a major and important issue. It really affected me which I will explain in a future post. Though the resolution to the story wasn’t what I hoped for, it was what realistically would have happened in this situation.

I highly recommend any show that is on Wigs. You really won’t be disappointed with the content that they create. You can go and visit their channel here. As usual, you can leave any positive or negative responses below.


Epic D and D Session: A Story for my Gaming History!!!


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So I walked into my local game shop to run a game called Fiasco (will have a review soon). Well that didn’t happen, but an epic Dungeons and Dragons session did. It was a 2nd edition game that I walked into the final session of the game. The party had to fight this:

I wouldn’t want to fight one of these things in real life.

It’s a tarrasque. I’m not exactly sure how describe it other than it was a huge pain in the rear to fight. All in all it was a great fight. I really enjoyed it especially for my first 2nd edition experience.

Let me tell you a little bit about the character I was playing. He was an NPC (non-player character). He was a ranger who mostly relied on his blade as opposed to his bow. On several occasions, this character survived situations that should have killed him dead and this battle was no different. On one such occasion, he was sent to the 9 levels of hell and made it back.

Look at that creature. My character being a ranger saw the vines on the ground and thought rope, which all and all was a good thought. First, he tried to tie it around one of the tarrasque’s legs. He was successful, but the tarrasque decided to walk through the a wall of fire that was in front of him. My character manages to let go of the vine in time to avoid being dragged through the fire.

Next round some other party member dissipates the fire wall, so my character is able to get to the tarrasque. The tarrasque has climbed up this ruin so his tail is hanging off of a wall. This time rather than try to trip him up, he decides to climb on his back, which he manages to do.

Somewhere before he climbs to the base of the tarrasque’s skull, someone uses a rod of wonder and casts a globe of darkness centered on the creatures head. This makes it difficult to get to the base of the skull, but somehow he manages to hold on and attempt to stab him there. Let’s just say the d20 didn’t like me at this point and I didn’t manage to hit him, but the DM said that he had never had a player try to climb up a creature like that. He was impressed and that was kind of cool.

The next round, mean Mr. Tarrasque decides to grab my character off of his back, chomped him and threw him to the ground. Let’s just say he was hurt pretty darn badly.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t for the faint of heart nor is it all epic. Unless of course you count epically gross as epic, then I guess that it was pretty epic.

So at some point not too long after Mr. “You can’t kill me” Ranger was thrown off, the mage of the group decides to climb into the back door of the tarrasque. No idea what his plan was after that, but I guess it would be a vulnerable spot on his body. He tried multiple times. Let’s say that the group got a lot of good laughs about his decision and leave it at that. 

Eventually, we did manage to get the tarrasque down. Then, we started rolling up characters for a Marvel super hero rpg characters. I’m totally in love with my character for that as well.

Other News

I promise you all that videos are on the way. I’m having a rough time editing on my three year old computer that has lots of problems. I filmed one that I want to get out to the world.

Anyhoo TTFN,