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Disney Sing-a-Long with all my Favorite Songs!!!


Howdy guys,

I’ve been working graveyard this week at my summer job, therefore there hasn’t much action from me, but that is obviously be changed right now.

I was working on a post for my other blog Out With Dad Fans and decided to look up this song.

Which lead me to another all time favorite Disney song.

That ┬álead me to the Lion King, which of course has too many songs to put them all in this post, so I’m going to put an iconic one.

I could continue to share a ton of videos, so tell me what are your favorite Disney songs. I could think of a few more already to put here. Be sure to tell me in the comment below.


PS. I went on a totally awesome, amazing camping trip that I’m going to make a video on this weekend, so be on the look out for that.