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Interview with @OutWithDad’s Kate Conway-Part 2!!!


Howdy all,

I’m bringing you part 2 of my interview with Kate Conway. If you missed part 1, you can read it here. In this part, she talks about Out with Dad and the awesomeness that has come because of the show.

What is Out with Dad [OWD] about?
Out with Dad is about a teenage girl, Rose,  who is struggling with coming out of the closet. Her single father Nathan is also struggling with trying to help her through this difficult time, while making her feel supported and loved.

Tell us a bit about your character Rose.
She is a shy girl, who can be a real powerhouse around certain people. She’s going through both the extremely difficult time of coming out and also being in love with her best friend. She is very complex and has a lot on her plate. Kinda like most teens.

You give Rose quite a truth. Where does your inspiration for Rose come from?
From the people in my life who have been super brave. I’ve watched close people around me battle addiction and mental illness, lose friends and loved ones. They’ve all come back on top.  I am constantly surrounded by inspirational people. Rose is meant to be a fighter like them.

I know there’s a little bit of a story about you landing the role of Rose. Tell us a little bit about that experience?
I saw a casting call for a web series about a teen girl struggling in high school. She was meant to be a shy girl who opens up around her closes friends and family. Highschool sucks for her because she can’t date the people she wants. Other than being gay, Rose was me. I was shy, hated high school, yet was super awesome to my close friends. I went and read for both Rose and Vanessa. Then Rose…Then Vanessa..I couldn’t tell if Jason thought I fit either of them. Then I got a call to meet Jason the director and Eric Taylor the producer at a coffee shop for a follow up interview. Apparently, they needed to double check that I was cool before they gave me the part. I’ve been trying to prove to them ever since that I am.

What is a typical day on set like?
A typical day on set begins with Jason (or some other awesome human being) bringing me an energy drink. My contract is very specific; no acting unless energy drinks are generously provided. Then we make-up and costume while production lights and sounds the space. The actors will practise lines and then Will proceeds to tell some hilarious story to lighten the mood. We will film whatever scenes are set for that location for the whole season. It’s weird shooting a crying scene for the 7th episode and then shooting a chill relaxed scene from perhaps the 1st or 5th episode. But I love that about film making. It’s challenging. Then after wrap, we might all go home because of next day shooting. If not, drinks and fun times for those who can. Hanging out and talking about set or whatever is something I really love.

What is the most rewarding part of working on Out with Dad?
This question takes the most thought. Where do I begin. The show has given me so much. Number one, I love filming and sets SO MUCH. The feeling of being on a set is like Christmas to me. It gives me purpose because watching film has given so much to my life that being a part of it now is truly wicked. Next is career opportunities. Because of OWD’s success around the world and its great notoriety, I have been able to progress in my career and had opportunities given to me I would have never had otherwise. But probably if you had a gun to my head and said “for the love of God, just PICK!”, I would say the affect I’ve had on people I have never met. I grew up feeling forever changed by the inspiring things I watched on tv and in movies. When watching though, I personally never felt or did anything in the way of “I came out a gay/lesbian/trans/finally admitted to myself/family/decided to keep going/I can now talk/understand/show my love to my child” that OWD has given other people. As an actress, “move people significantly”  was on my bucket list. I guess I can cross it off now.  I could never book a single job for the rest of my life and feel like I’ve helped change the world for the better as an artist. Which is pretty bad-ass, don’t you think? [I would imagine. Great job btw. (^__^) ]

Congratulations on the awards you’ve won personally. Which ones did you win and what was it like to find out that had won?
Thanks! I won Outstanding Lead actress in a Drama Series at 2011 LA Webfest and Best Actress at the 3rd Annual Indie Soap Awards. The ensemble cast also won at the 2012 LA Webfest awards. The cast and crew have one a boat load of others. The LA ones we kinda found out surprisingly. No idea we were up for them. It was awesome! The best was the ISA. This was my second year going and nominated. It’s totally cliché but I really did not expect to win. I was completely floored and ended up giving a ridiculously out of breath acceptance and forgot to thank Will and Lindsey. I will never live it down. After, I went and called mom. I left a very excited and tearful message on her machine. She needed to know that her awesome mom-ness was paying off.

What is it like to work with the cast and crew?
Oh don’t get me started. THEY ARE ALL TERRIBLE. They are no fun. They are unprofessional and lazy. They DON’T work their asses off like you’d think. They don’t leave their loved ones and sacrifice their social lives for no monetary gain like they should. Their lack of talent is SO obvious due to the shitiness of the show. Who would ever want to work with this rag-tag bunch of hooligans? Oh and did I say they are no fun? Don’t ever try to have fun with them. They will just lead you to the worst times in your life. The WORST!

What have been your favorite moments from each season of the show?
Just take everything I said in the last answer and make it not sarcastic. Generally speaking, everything. But the movie theatre scene of season one was great. We shot all night. Josh, one of the production guys drove like 5 of us home and none of us had any sleep. Being in the car, trying to keep him awake and just talking warms my heart to this day. No one got paid that night, but we all suffered, laughed and joyed together. Season 2….I guess the table read-through. We had almost everyone there. The family was back together. I was overwhelmed with joy.

The 2 episodes that Rose and her father go to the PFLAG meeting were some of the most powerful episodes of the entire series for me. What was the experience like filming those episodes?
Holy God, unreal. I say that for Rose, Season 2 is “the season of tears”. For other non PFLAG emotional scenes in the show, I use learned actor tools to get into the emotional state I need. The two PLFLAG episodes were filmed in one day and it was emotionally exhausting. Like I said before, I have been lucky enough to connect with fans in the LGBT community who have either gone through crazy struggles or are currently battling them alone. This experience brought those amazing stories to life right in front of me. I had only one scene where I cried as reaction to the stories. Needless to say, the tears were 100% my own for the people who really lived these experiences.

I just want to thank you for your time. The series as a whole and I may dare to say your performance, have led me to be more comfortable in my own skin and really be true to myself. Is there anything else that you would like to say to my readers about the show or otherwise?
Thank you SO much. You sharing your experience and wisdom with the world is something priceless. I don’t know what it’s like AT ALL to go through this but it seems like something that takes every last ounce of strength to do. I’m appalled that it still does. It should just be life by now. Hopefully forums like yours, OWD and other LGBT blogs, vlogs and the like around the world will change that. I do honestly believe that these struggles will one day be something of the past that you’ll tell your grand kids about. Art on the internet is changing history. Thank you for allowing me to be part of it. It is a tremendous gift in my life. 🙂

Loved the interview, Kate. Thanks for taking the time to do it.


Interview with @OutWithDad’s Kate Conway-Part 1!!!!


Howdy guys,

I’m very happy to be bringing you this interview with a very inspirational actor, Kate Conway. She plays the character Rose on the award winning web series, Out with Dad. I’m going to let her tell you a little bit more about herself and the work she does. Hope you enjoy.

Tell my readers a little about yourself.
Well I am an actress in my early 20’s (not really 15, I apologize) living in Toronto, Canada. I have been involved in acting since doing my first play, The Wizard of Oz,  when I was 6, and loved acting ever since. I am involved in the award winning show Out With Dad and I love it dearly!

What are some other productions/projects that you have been involved in?
In the past I’ve worked with the Toronto sketch comedy groups The Raisin Gang and Hamburger Sandwhich, and I’ve done a tiny bit of writing and performing in a new web series from Toronto that will be released soon called The Gate.

Favourite production/project. (not including OWD)
I got to host my university drama Christmas showcase with my good friend Ray Cameron. We made ’em laugh, hard. Tied with that is every other show I did in University. My friends at UTM were crazy fun.

What or who made you want to get into acting?
My mother. She got me involved in community theatre when I was 6. We did the The Wizard of Oz and I was a munchkin AND and oz citizen. I couldn’t get over how stoked I was that I was playing TWO roles. It was epic. And I loved every moment of it. I wanted it to last forever. My mother set it all in motion and she kicks serious ass.

What tips do you have for someone wanting to get into acting?
Nothing other than if you really REALLY love it, do it! Fuck anyone that says “No”. Fuck them!

If you weren’t acting, what would you want to do for a living?
I have considered everything from teaching to truck driving. And honestly I really don’t see myself doing anything but. Diner food is delicious though. 

 If you could work with any actor or actress, living or dead, who would be and why?
Tiny Fey. After my mother, and my grandmother, Tina has influenced and inspired my artistic passions the most. Tina Fey made it hot to be smart and funny. To be smarter and funnier than the boys. No person I ever met has disagreed with how awesome she is. I’m also pretty sure I’d ask her to leave her husband for me. It would be really difficult NOT to.

Dream project? (other than OWD)
Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe working with Hollywood’s best on a movie that would win about 14 Oscars. If it happens to be with the same people from Out with Dad, that would be a kickass dream come true.

Any additional projects in the works?
Other than The Gate and new OWD’s, nothing presently. I will keep you posted.

Quick Fire Questions
Coke or Pepsi?

Cats or dogs?
cats. But dogs have been growing on me lately.

Summer or winter?
Summer! Nothing beats backyard bbq’s with your friends. Nothing beats cottages.  NOTHING!

Hugs or kisses?

Fame or fortune?
Both! But only if you have awesome friends to share it with. Otherwise, neither.

Which is worse: speaking in front of a crowd or writing a paper?
Speaking in front of a crowd. I’ve done stand-up comedy before and been REALLY bad at it.

Time travel to: the past or the future?
I don’t like how these questions make me choose. To the future, I guess. That way, advanced technology could help me go back and visit the past too.

Celebrity magazine or newspaper?
Celebrity magazine. I’m more of a brain candy kinda person.

Fave food?
PIZZA!!!! I’m a pizza junkie. (best are in Italy and NYC)

Fave  book?
I read My Sisters Keeper when I was traveling through Europe after University. It was such an emotional story that I happened to be reading during an extremely inspirational trip on the other side of the world. Not too shabby.

Fave color?
Baby Blue. Since I can remember. Has never changed.

Well, as usual part 2 is coming tomorrow. Part 2 will be about her involvement with the show.


#Drifter is Lifting Off!!!


Howdy all,

Do you all remember the kick butt interview that I did with Julie Ann Emery about her new show Drifter? Well if you don’t, you should go read part 1 and part 2. Then, come back here and read this post.

Glad you’re back and if you didn’t leave, thanks for staying. So rather than try to explain what happened, I’m going to quote part of Julie Ann’s email to me.

So…exciting DRIFTER news!  Because our crowd funding campaign gained so much early attention, we are now in talks with multiple production companies to produce the show!  Yay!

None of this would have been remotely possible without you.  The fact that you believed in the show so early on and contributed toward making our dream for DRIFTER come true is overwhelming for our entire team.

But rather than take your hard earned money, we want to make THEM pay for the show! So we are scuttling the crowd funding campaign to further pursue production company funds, and extending you an invitation to become a VIP in the DRIFTER family.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  We won’t forget your early belief in our dream.

I’m really proud and honored to have been part of making this show a reality in such a big way. I never in a million years thought that my little infant blog would have such a big impact on something and draw the attention of people who can make dreams come true.

I’ve always believed that “new media” is the way of the future and this really proves it to me. I believe that most people will stop watching shows on the television and will be watching them on the internet. It’s already starting to happen.

If you would like to keep up to date with the show, you can like their Facebook fan page. If you want special insights into the creative process behind the show, be sure to check out their site here.

Anyhoo, I’m very happy that this is happening. Congratulations to all who are involved in the show and good luck going forward.


My First Trip to a Club!!!


Howdy all,

So last Sunday, May 20th, I went to a club for the first time with a couple of good friends of mine. Bare with me, there’s a little bit of a story and it was a bit of a round about way that I ended up at the club.

Most Sundays, I go to fencing practice. This Sunday was no different. Let me explain what I mean by fencing. It’s not fencing like you see in the Olympics. It’s medieval period style fighting. You can see an example below.

So I fought for about 2 hours, which is quite the work out when you are wearing very unbreathable layers. There are certain armor requirements that have be met. At the most basic level, that means what you’re wearing has to be resistant to a broken blade poking through it.

Afterwards, there was a Barony of Windhaven business meeting, which is the organization that I fence through. Windhaven is a local chapter of the Society of Creative Anachronism. You can find out more at

Then, my friends invited me to out with them that night. I said sure, why not. At this point, it was about 4ish. So, we headed to my friends’ apartment to shower, eat, and hang out before going out.

Finally, after about 6 hours of running around, it was time to go out. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I never been out to a bar, let alone a club. Let’s just say, I was glad that I experienced it.

Once at the bar, we headed upstairs to a bar area. We arrived at about 10ish. So we got drinks and sat down as a group. I had water all night. There’s reasons for that, but  I’ll get into that in another post.

At 10:30ish, the upstairs bar closed and we all headed downstairs to the club. We were some of the first people there. It took a little bit, but more people flooded in as it got later.

Being completely sober, it was fun to just observe what was going on. I totally got duped by a guy wearing drag. I couldn’t believe how good he looked. Let’s just say I was a little jealous.

Anyhoo, I don’t think I have anything else to say. While clubbing isn’t really my scene, I was glad that I got to go and hang out with friends who in no way shape or form pressured me into drinking. All and all, I’d say that Sunday was a good Sunday.


Rants with Nerd Episode 1.8-Getting to Know me, Getting Know all About me!!!


Howdy all,

I’ve been on a video posting rampage as of late, so here’s the newest episode. I thought I would tell you a little be more about myself, which I probably should have done earlier on. Oh well, here it is.  Watch it below.

Like I said in the video, I would love to do a weekly or so Q and A video, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments here or on the video. Thanks.


PS. If you can name that musical, you will make me an extremely happy camper.

Episode 1.7-@OutWithDad’s Donation Drive!!!


So, I know that I’ve covered a lot of web series on my blog, but it is something that I really enjoy and hopefully create in the future. I firmly believe that “new media” is the way of the future.

Anyhoo, please enjoy the newest episode of my show below:

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Interview with Drifter’s @julieannemery-Part 2!!!


So if you didn’t read part 1 of my interview with Julie Ann Emery, you can read it here. Like I said yesterday, this part is all about Drifter and Then we got HELP!

Compliments of Julie Ann Emery

Let’s talk about Drifter for a moment. What is the show about?
A man, alone on a ship in space, re-programs the ship’s computer to allow him to virtually enter the world of his favorite TV show (a comedy set in 2012 NY called ImPerfect).  When an explosion disables the ship, leaving it adrift in space, he has to decide what to do with only 12 days to live.  The world of the TV show becomes his only shot at human connection, friendship, and even love.  

Where did the concept come from for the show?
OMFGeek founder Jeff Koenig came up with the concept.  And it’s terrific. Jorge Rivera and I are writing the script. 

Tell us about your character.
I play the leading lady of the Virtual TV Show.  When the leading man (Darren le Gallo) and I begin to fall in love, the ship’s computer begins to take on my traits.  So I will also be playing the ship’s computer.  First in voice, then in image, and eventually in embodiment. 

What challenges does playing a character who is the creation of someone else pose or does it add any challenges? Why or why not?
Well, I’m writing the script so it’s not ENTIRELY someone else’s vision of her.  But as an actor, I am almost always embodying a character written by someone else.  Truth be told, others write better roles for me than I do (which is why it’s 
good I have a writing partner on this script).  I spent far less time developing my character on Then we got HELP! than I did everyone else’s.  I wanted to make my actors look good.  

Who else is in the cast and crew?
Cast:  Darren le Gallo (Broken Kingodm, Then we got HELP!) , Al Thompson (Lenox Avenue, The Cleveland Show), Emma Caulfield (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bandwagon), Rachel Hip-Flores (Anyone But Me), Gary Ploski (Rising Star)
Creatives:  Jeff Koenig is creator (OMFGeek), Jorge Rivera is my writing partner (Lenox Avenue, Odessa), Blake Calhoun (Continuum, Pink), Rob Gokee (Night of the Zombie King, Solo), J Sibley Law, Bradley Werner, Scott Napolitano, Daryl Ray Carlisle

It’s a list of Web World heavy hitters for sure.  

I was very excited to hear that Rachel Hip-Flores and Emma Caulfield were in the cast. Who are most excited to be working with?
I will not choose.  I’m truly excited about this ENTIRE cast.  And I’m loving 
writing for them.

Have you written any other projects?
Then we got HELP!, a pilot a few years ago.  I’m currently working on a feature script and an hour long TV pilot script.  

What is Then We got Help about?
Four couples need therapy but can’t afford it.  They form a group.  It’s group therapy without the therapist.  We have 21 episodes up at 

Where did the idea for this show come from?
Necessity.  Micro budget plus talented actor friends plus an extra large living room meant shooting something character driven that could be set in my apartment (location shooting is SO expensive in NYC).  I’ve been with my husband since college, if there’s one thing we know…it’s other couples.  Also, I was part of a group when I lived in LA that was a sort of Actors self help group.  I liked the idea of couples attempting to help themselves and each other.  They mostly screw each other up. There’s an accidental breakthrough usually once per episode.  

This show seems very different from Drifter. What challenges are there going from writing comedy to a more serious sci-fi type show or weren’t there any? Why or why not?
I am a Sci-Fi geek so I’ve been looking for a way to move into that world as a writer.  And half of Drifter is a comedy.  That said, I firmly believe as an actor and as a writer, that drama is best served with a sense of humor in it and the best comedy is grounded in some sort of reality.  So I guess I don’t see drama and comedy as exclusive from each other. 

Let’s talk about how you are funding for Drifter. You’re doing it by crowd funding, but I have never heard of the platform. What is Mobcaster and why did you decide to use it? is focused on long form content.  Drifter’s pilot will be a half hour.  I believe it’s time the Web move in that direction.  Mobcaster has been incredibly available to us, even taking the time to do some conference calls on the ways they could help us market.  And because they are new and for long form content, there are fewer shows on their site.  We don’t get lost in the noise on their site.  

What perks to donators receive for donating?
Well since Drifter is a pilot, you will ONLY get to see the pilot when we’re finished if you’re a contributor.  You can contributor $1 to qualify to see the show…but you have to join us in the Drifterverse.  

The perk levels have some VERY cool stuff, from a NASA gift that you can’t get in stores (we have NASA consultants) to getting the Mars Colony or the Space Station named after you, name drops, a digital copy of Rob Gokee’s score, you can qualify for costumes worn on screen by the cast, part of our story board, an original piece of artwork by star Darren le Gallo (who is also a successful artist), dinner with members of the cast and crew.  I mean, I want a lot of these perks.  

To see them all you can go to: 

Anything else you want to say?
It’s such an amazing concept and every step we take with the script gets me more excited about it.  I think it’s a really special piece.  But if we don’t raise our money, it will not get made.  So even if you’ve only got a buck, please consider contributing.   When you contribute on a project like this, you really become part of the family. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that we make our budget and can move forward to shooting in July!  

Well, this interview is in the bag. To get connected with Julie Ann, you can hit her up on Facebook and Twitter. As usual, be sure to watch her show as well as support Drifter if you are able. All the links to do that are above.


Interview with Drifter’s @julieannemery-Part 1!!!


I’m really excited to be bring you this interview. It’s been a long time in the coming. It’s an interview with Julie Ann Emery, an amazing actress who has had roles in film and tv such as Hitch and Commander-in-Chief. As usual, part one of the interview is all about Julie Ann and part 2 will be about her new show, Drifter as well as another web series that she created, Then we got HELP!

Now on with the interview.

How did you get started in acting?
I’m from a small town in Tennessee and the only theatre for 100 miles was the theatre in my home town. They used a lot of local talent. They also supplied the High School with a Drama teacher who was on staff at the theatre. She heard me sing in a choir concert and recruited me for my first play. She then took me to that theatre for my first audition. Literally drove me there and waited for me. Her name is Mel Michel and the theatre is The Cumberland County Playhouse. I owe them a lot.

I was looking at your IMDB page and was shocked by some of the shows and films. You have quite the impressive body of work. What are some of the shows and films that you were in?
Hitch is probably the most popular. I played Eva Mendes lovelorn best friend. Some of my favorites include the critically acclaimed Line of Fire, Commander-in-Chief, The Riches, Dexter, Suits, Damages, Taken, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I got my start on TV in a recurring role on ER…so special shout out for ER.

What were some of your favorite projects and why?
Sort of answered this one above. But favorite is determined by a variety of factors for me. Line of Fire was an amazing role with an amazing Creator/ Director and an amazing cast. That one is an all around. Sometimes a favorite is because of the role, like my role on The Riches. Sometimes a favorite is because I love and respect the show, like Damages and Dexter. Sometimes favorite is because of the people, Hitch was one of the nicest casts I’ve ever worked with.

If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing as a career?
Well I am now writing and directing on the Web as well. I have an award winning series called Then we Got HELP!  and a new show we are currently crowd funding for to get off the ground called Drifter But if I weren’t doing something creative? I don’t know. My family will tell you I’d be a lawyer because they think I’m that kind of debater (my brother would say arguer). But I can’t imagine doing anything but this.

Dream project and why?
Single project? I don’t know. There are several dreams. I dream of working with Line of Fire creator Rod Lurie again in a lead role. He writes such complex and amazing women. I dream of getting a little movie I’m writing and directing off the ground with a terrific cast. I dream of Then we got HELP! getting picked up to television with my amazing cast in tact. I dream of doing a play on Broadway. For me the dream keeps shifting and evolving.

If you could work with any actor/actress living or dead, who would be and why?
Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Laurence Olivier, Lauren Becall, John Cazale, Bill Nighy, Dame Judi Dench, Joan Allen, Michael Caine. Actors who change the air in the room. Actors who make you better by being in the room with them, having to keep up. Actors who work to elevate the level of the scene all day long.

I listened to your interview with Amanda and April of Indie Intertube 4/18. I loved the song that you sang. Jeff’s version was also very good. Where did the idea came from?
I walk around with a soundtrack in my head all day. Usually a made up one. That was my sound track that day…I decided to make a video blog out of it.

Are you a singer?
My husband Kevin Earley is a brilliant singer, and recently nominated for a Drama Desk Award. I can definitely carry a tune, and I began my career doing Musical Theatre in roles like Louise in Gypsy. But I’m not the kind of singer who can compete on Broadway today. I can’t belt crazy high notes like they do in Wicked or anything.

What made you want to go from TV and film to web series?
The opportunity to write and direct. Also, I started Then we got HELP! at the bottom of the economy and a lot of my brilliantly talented friends were struggling for opportunities. I wanted to put them all to work. But I really do believe in the web space. And I believe the web space is where all of tomorrows Oscar and Emmy nominees are cutting their teeth.

Tips for beginning actors?
Study study study, especially after college. You need to know and understand  your work and yourself as an artist BEFORE the industry does whatever it is going to do with you in terms of career. Once you get an opportunity, you want to be able to do extraordinary work. The only way to do that is to study study study. We’re in a moment right now where young actors think networking is more important than honing their craft. That networking will get them a job. Networking MIGHT get you in an agent’s office or an audition, but once you’re there…if you can’t deliver, well….study study study study.

Tips for people who want to create their own web series?
Be realistic about your assets (mine were that I know great actors) AND about your deficits (my first show had NO money). Try to turn deficits into creative plusses. Don’t write roles when you don’t know actors who can play them. In a no money situation, that will simply leave you with bad actors. And go in with an understanding that building and sustaining an audience for your show AFTER it is shot and edited, is a 60 hour a week job. It’s not enough to shoot something and put it up on youtube. That’s not how it works.

Tips for surviving auditions?
Prepare FULLY and know what YOU want to do with the character and the scene. If you accomplish that, walk away happy. Don’t take it to heart if you’re not their choice. There are a million factors that don’t have anything to do with you involved in choice. But if you knock that audition out of the park, you’ll be back for everyone in that room. I’ve never booked a big role that didn’t start in a different audition, an audition where I didn’t wind up being their girl.

Quick fire questions
Coke or Pepsi?
Iced Tea (I’m a Southern girl)

Cats or dogs?

Summer or winter?

Hugs or kisses?
Nothing beats a really good hug.

Fame or fortune?
Fortune…then I can produce my own stuff and employ people!

Which is worse: speaking in front of a crowd or writing a paper?
Writing a paper.

Time travel to: the past or the future?

Celebrity magazine or newspaper?

Fave food?
I’m a sucker for chips.

Fave book?
Game of Thrones

Fave color?
Never had one

Well, that’s all for now. To get connected with Julie Ann, you can hit her up on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to come back for part 2 tomorrow.


Decicion 2012!!!


Hey guys,

Now, I know that I’ve promised myself to not make this a political thing at all, so I know what you’re wondering. “But Nerd, the title of the post is ‘Decision 2012′” I hear you, but rather than I explain I thought that I would show you what I’m talking about.

You see now. It’s a spoof on all of the political ads that have been going on in the US.

Here’s the one for the dogs:

So I want to know what you think. I leave your answer in the poll below.

Other News

In other news, I thought that I would give you a posting schedule for my youtube channel.

Here it goes:
Monday-a full Rants with Nerd  episode
Wednesday and Friday-just a simple vlog-ish type video
Saturday and Sunday-Gameplay 

This will start next week. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with it over the summer, but this is what I want to try. Other than that, I don’t think there is anything else coming other than a few interviews. Let me know if there is anything else you guys want to see. I don’t want this to be all about what I want.