I’ve Been Thinking!!!



I’ve been thinking [dangerous I know] a lot lately about where I want to take this blog in the future.  But Nerd, you might say, you’ve only just started you’re only a little more than  a month old. Why are you worried about that?

Well, I gave a pitch about this little blog yesterday. While I think that the pitch went well, I’m still not sure what direction I want to take this blog for sure and where I see it in 6 months, which was something that I needed to know for my pitch.

I have a few ideas of where I want this to go. One, I do want to do some let’s plays of video games that I’m playing. Right now the problem is that I don’t have a good way to record yet. Any suggestions? Leave it in the comments. Two is a project that I hope to get off the ground. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t have all details but it may involve the artist who is doing my logo and has done work for me in the past.

Don’t worry. I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing, covering the web series world. I’m very passionate about new media in all of its various forms. The thing is there are already people who do only that [Indie Intertube]. I happen to be pretty good friends with them and love the work they do, so I don’t want to step on their toes. Because of these two wonderful ladies, I’m actually doing another interview with the beautiful and talented Julie Ann Emery.

So, I want to know. Where do you guys want to see the site go? What content do you want to see me put up? I want to do coverage of indie music, bloggers, youtubers, anything really, so if you want to see something, let me know


ps. If you or someone you know would like to do an interview with me, the best way to get a hold of me is through my contact page.


Have a positive or negative response, leave it below!

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