I saw the BEST Recall Sign Ever!!!


Howdy peeps,

So I was rollerblading around my neighborhood when I saw something that caught my eye.  Let me give you a little context for the sign. I live in the lovely state of Wisconsin…well most of the time it’s lovely. We’re in the middle of a recall election for governor as well as some state congress people. To be honest with you, I really don’t know why we’re even having the recall. Governor Walker did what he said he would do.

Anyhoo,  I didn’t want this to turn into anything political, so here’s the sign.

The sign reads, "Recall Santa Clause". Under it reads, "I didn't get what I wanted"

The first time I saw this sign, I almost fell off of my moped. I instantly fell in love with it.

In other news, I have finished a very rough first draft of my script for Script Frenzy. Maybe I’ll post a snippet of it here, but we’ll see.

I don’t think that I have anything else to say, so I’ll leave you with these words for thought from Alfred Lord Tennyson:

I am a part of all that I have met. 

Chew on that one for awhile.



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