Lock and Load: Interview with @bjfletcherpi’s Dana Puddicombe-Part 2!!!


Compliments of Regan Latimer

Here’s part 2 of my interview with Dana Puddicombe. Read part 1 here. Part 2 is all about her involvement in the show and the show itself. Enjoy.

N:  A basic summary of the show is really had to come by. In your own words, what is B.J. Fletcher Private Eye (Fletch) all about?
DP:  A bumbling private investigator painstakingly solves simple crimes while balancing her complicated friendship with the woman she loves. (It is hard to summarize!) [I would agree that it’s hard to summarize. I love this summary!!!]

N: How did you get involved with show?
Lindy (B.J Fletcher) was my roommate in university, so when I moved to Toronto, we hung out quite often. She asked me if I wanted to do a small part in a contest submission she was doing and I was up for it. And four years later, here we are!

N: Tell me about your character, Georgia Drew (George).
George tries very hard to do the right thing. I think she is smart and honorable but maybe a tad gullible, only because she is so earnest.

N: In what ways are you like George? Different?
DP:  I am a lot like George, I think. I would like to think of myself as an earnest person, but not terribly serious…I certainly like to have a laugh whenever I can. I may be a bit bolder.

N: George is Fletch’s assistant. What is their relationship like?
DP:  Fletch definitely leads the team, but I think it is fairly obvious to both of them that George makes up for Fletcher’s failings. They are a great team and balance each other out. They value the other so greatly that they would do anything to preserve that bond… including hiding their attraction for so long.

N: George has a girlfriend Jenna. How did they meet? How has their relationship grown since they first met?
DP:  George and Jenna meet in Episode 10 of Season 1, when Fletch and George are hired to find her. At the beginning of Season 2, we find them together and through the season it comes out that George went to Jenna to vent after Fletch seemed to take Marjorie back. Their relationship has grown alot (Season 3 finds them sharing a home), but Fletch has been an issue from Day 1!

N: Is it just me, but does it seem like Fletch causes tension in George and Jenna’s relationship? Why or why not?
DP:  See above answer! Fletch definitely causes tension… She and Jenna constantly put George in a position to choose between them. Jenna feels threatened by Fletch, Fletch feels threatened by Jenna but only George truly knows who she wants to be with!

N: What is it like working with Vanessa Dunn? Rest of the cast and crew?
DP:  Vanessa is a riot and lots of fun to work with. She is super smart and witty and we have a laugh. Everyone is great… we had a lot of fun this season. Our primary cast are so hilarious and gifted, but we have also been fortunate to have lots of amazing guest stars, too! We have an absolutely fantastic crew… Everyone works so hard and care so much about the series. And I think it shows. 🙂 [I completely agree]

N: What is a typical day on set like?
DP:  Rikki (our superhuman hair/makeup maven) usually will pick up Lindy and I (and whoever else needs a lift in our neighbourhood) and we head to location for hair/makeup. Sometimes we just meet at her house and do it there. We run lines while she dolls us up, Regan and company (often Jessica or Jonny) set up the scene during that. We discuss the scene, propose changes we developed during line run, and then we do the scene! I like to see the best take of most of the scenes, whereas Lindy likes to wait, so before we move on, I usually watch with Regan and the crew. Sometimes we have to go to a couple of different locations and have a snack. We only take a long break if its an extremely long shooting day… otherwise we eat and take a little break while we are getting set up for the next scene and keep on truckin’ til we are done.

N: I’ve watched all the outtakes and behind the scenes videos that are up from the show, are there any outtakes/stories that didn’t make the reels or videos that stick out in your mind? 
DP:  A lot  of funny stuff doesn’t make it to the blooper reel, or only a fraction of it. We did a scene with Maria (Mrs. Watson) last season. A simple scene, we tell her the mob are using her warehouse, but it starts with her on the phone. We must have done 30 takes… some are on the blooper reel but it was insane. She was just so funny.. she is truly priceless. There are a few clips of that on the outtake reel, but they can’t capture it… really, it was so funny.

N: From what I read, you aren’t of the LGBT community (correct me if I’m wrong), what made want to portray a lesbian character?
DP:  I am a straight woman. But I very much support the community and believe that with that support, I am part of it. [I would agree…that was worded poorly. Sorry. :(]

I didn’t intend on playing a lesbian character, it kind of just happened. George was not intended to [be] feature[d] as heavily as she [is], and her crush on Fletch was developed while we filmed the pilot and Regan pursued it. I was all for it when that aspect of the story developed. Because it made sense and it made drama! It makes absolutely no difference to me whether a character I play loves men or women. I can 100% identify with a young woman finding herself, as I believe George has been doing since Day 1. That journey is precious to me. I can identify with George: I have lusted after a friend, I have felt jealous of my crush’s lover, I have definitely been uncertain about the future of a relationship (or lack thereof). It’s all love. It’s complicated and heartbreaking and universal. I love Lindy Zucker with all my heart and we have been friends for 10 years. That familiarity and love, right out the gate, is hard to manifest. And Vanessa is unbelievably beautiful and so funny. With these two women as my objects of affection, gay or straight, I don’t have to work very hard!

N: How is to kiss on set? I would imagine it can be quite awkward and uncomfortable at times.
DP:  It can be pretty awkward… it isn’t sexy… not at all. There’s a room full of people, and you need to be aware of the angle you are on and whether it looks okay (which makes it look anything but sexy!). I am not a big PDA person anyway, so I need a few takes just to stop blushing! And you have to do it over and over again… I just find it a bit embarrassing.

N: What has been the most rewarding/best part of working on the show?
DP:  It is very rewarding to get feedback from the viewers. To know that they enjoy it so much, and really connect with the characters is awesome. The entire process, from the first table read to the last shot of Season 3, has taught me so much. And I think the rest of our crew would agree. You can see each episode get better and tighter and cleaner. I am very proud of how far we’ve come.

N: Favorite episode/scene from each season?
DP:  Season 1: Episode 9 was hilarious to film and prob my fave episode of all of them! We had such a laugh 🙂

Season 2: The Tony/ Mr. Joshua hot tub scene. Or the scene when George and Fletch chase down Claire Calnan on Freedom Rider. Or the pirate restaurant scene. Hard to pick!

Season 3: The opening scene of us running in Episode 1. We call it the Spadina Chase scene because Lindy and I have been bugging Regan for years to do a chase scene on that particular street. There are a bunch of vendors and it can be hard to get around people, so we thought it would be funny. It sounds really silly, but it meant the world that Regan made it happen! 🙂

(Watch that scene here. It’s hilarious.)

N: Are there any spoilers you can give us? (Can’t blame me for trying)
DP:  Sorry… Regan would kill me. And she knows where I live.

Well, I had to try…maybe I’ll be more successful with Regan Latimer, the Creator / Executive Producer / Director / Writer of the show, but some how I doubt it.

Today, all new content that I’m sure you don’t want to miss is being put up on the show’s web site. The link is below.

If you would like more information on the show or to watch the episodes, check out their web site, Facebook and Twitter.



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